Monday, 12 November 2012

in the kitchen garden

We are sneaking in the last of 2012’s gardening activities today…at least for us. It’s sunny and relatively warm…14C.

Looking into shovelfuls of the earth I have to agree with Joel Salatin when he said, earthworms will dance.  Adding compost and manure last spring has made them really happy… It wasn't our own compost...

The manure was from the property, but the organic compost came from the garden center in town. The worms don’t seem to care. I’ve been pulling a couple up with every shovelful of soil.
We are adding more manure and compost today. J
And lime…
I’ve decided to add lime because all summer and fall I’ve been playing tug-of-war with a patch of this…
sheep sorrel - rumex acetosella

sour grass. red weed. field sorrel. sour dock. dog-eared sorrel.
Whatever you call it, this wild herb is persistent!

By letting sheep sorrel grow, the soil is speaking the only language it knows…a language more ancient than humankind…and it’s saying, Feeling a little acidic over here! Can you lend a hand and drop in a bit of sweetener?
I’m adding lime.

Another persistent herb; Calendula is still blooming through the season’s first morning frosts.
Did you know that Calendula is the only herb that doesn’t lose its colour when added to handmade soap?
Tenacious little flowers.

I’m sure they dance with the earthworms when I’m not looking.
Until next time...


  1. Right now my garden is covered by about 8 or 9 inches of snow. Some of my herbs can be harvested during the winter, but the rest of the garden is shut down until spring.

  2. The Calendula is really pretty! I haven't heard of it before, but now I want to plant some!

  3. "I'm sure they dance with the earthworms when i'm not looking" - bahahahahahah! oh what a joyful sentence to read and i agree.

    our calendula is still setting out beautiful flowers as well. even though the trees have turned colour, we still have grass and clover growing all over the yard - i love Nova Scotia's mild temperature. we are especially blessed here in our little part of the island - no staying snow until january!

    loved this post, Sue. you sound happy. and i love that. your friend,

  4. Beautiful. Pictures and informative content as usual, Sue. Thank you.

  5. Why do I always smell fresh bread when I read your blog?

  6. I had so much caching up to do. Your blogs are fantastic. So are your photos. I still have a little calendula in my garden :) I googled manure and lime .They suggest , that you should never add them to the soil together. Some kind of unwanted chemical reaction happens. Do manure now and lime in the spring. But do not worry. I used to do it at the same time. I think my garden needs lime as well.Some things did not do very well.
    Lots of love from your flower friend.



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